“Having started out as a cask only brewery, EcoKeg has been key to us on our journey into the world of keg beer, for a brewery that is setup for cask beer there is no other option available on the market that can enable you to start kegging beer with such a low additional outlay.”

Sam – Calverley’s Brewery




“Packaging beer is almost as important as brewing it and, for us, EcoKegs provide exactly what we need: they come ready-CO2 purged (saving a lot of time); are light in weight (easy to lift and manoeuvre); robust (no damage in transit); easy to stack and secure (for transportation); and environmentally friendly (can be recycled by the end user).  EcoKeg is also a company which provides excellent and personal customer service, which is hard to come by especially for small entities such as ours.”

Alison – Odyssey Brew Co.



“We love the EcoKeg Lite, it’s easy to fill, and as a responsible business it reduces our impact on the environment as unlike other products the inner is recyclable and the outer can be reused so there is hardly any waste!”

Paul – Birmingham Brewing Co.