We work closely with Plastic Recovery Solutions, PRS, who wash and process our carefully separated plastic in their bespoke processing plant less than 20 miles away.  Their unique machinery secures the value in the plastic making it reusable and guarentees zero landfill.

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TOMAS REES – Plastic Recycling Specialist, GWR Polymers

EcoKeg has always prioritised the use of recyclable materials. By using recycled material (HDPE) in the outer shell, we have created a practical use for over 300 tonnes of recycled plastic (HDPE). One of the greatest hurdles we face in recycling management is creating a demand for recycled plastic, whilst maintaining the structural properties able to withstand the products functional use. This demand makes it commercially viable for private companies to take recyclable material out of the waste stream, therefore creating a closed loop recycling cycle.

Also by using recycled HDPE, EcoKeg has saved over 780 tonnes of CO2e than if it were to use virgin HDPE*!

Where EcoKeg use virgin material they have ensured it is easily/highly recyclable at the end of use. All materials are separable by hand and have high scrap value. EcoKeg have avoided using colour plastics as recycled clear PET scrap commands a higher price than coloured thus making it more desirable to process. By doing this EcoKeg have managed with my assistance to have an ‘End of Life Policy’ where they can guarantee zero landfill on all EcoKegs returned to them.

*By using recycled HDPE, EcoKeg saves 2.6 tonnes of CO2e than if it were to use virgin HDPE. – GreenGain EcoKeg Report 2018