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Technical Facts

The OWK solution was developed with the needs of the modern packaging hall in mind. Existing filling machines and racking systems will recognise the dimensions of the OWK. With a uniform outer shell it is possible to offer various capacities internally. All commonly used spear types are also available.

Most brewing companies have carried out research with beer or other beverages in PET. Tests conducted with OWK indicate that shelf life is improved due to the larger volume to surface ratio.

Keg Specifications
Parameter Target Specifications
Fully recyclable All Major Components Recyclable
Stackable – 6 high on pallets > 3 months
Maximum working pressure 350 kPa
Microbiological integrity Commercially clean (food grade)
Drop tests (1.5 m high) > 3 Drops
Volume 30 Litres
Temperature Maximum (recommended) 25°C
Tare Weight 3 kg
Technical Facts