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Developing Opportunities in Draught

Enhance the economics of keg management by introducing the One-Way-Keg (OWK)

Kegs which do not return from the market for long periods are assets not making a financial return for the business. The high percentage of kegs lost in export and remote markets, very often not identified as lost specifically overseas, are a total loss to the business. When assigning a packaging cost to the product, conventional kegs are at best a variable cost until the keg has been safely returned and is ready for reuse. New »On Tap« markets exist, but the variable cost to supply these markets often makes the option appear unattractive. The OWK allows fast and fixed cost penetration of a new »On Tap« opportunity.

Use of returnable stainless-steel kegs for servicing the export market has a number of disadvantages

... and some constraints: