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Responding to the market need for a low-cost and single-trip container for bulk beverages, EcoKeg was founded in 2002 in Melbourne, Australia. EcoKeg purchased the existing patents for the technology of One-Way-Kegs (OWKs), which was in early development at Carlton & United Breweries Ltd. (Division of the Foster's Group Limited).

With the patent successfully acquired, EcoKeg formed strategic alliances with a number of companies in the brewing & packaging industries. In March 2003 after registering additional patents, EcoKeg revealed the first working model OWK. The technology for an OWK made primarily from plastics is absolutely new, innovative and therefore unique.

The OWK is available NOW from our manufacturers in info [at] ecokeg [dot] com (Europe, Web Enquiry), info [at] ecokeg [dot] com (Asia, Web Enquiry) and info [at] ecokeg [dot] com (Australia/NZ, Web Enquiry). We can quote to all parts of the world – just info [at] ecokeg [dot] com (ask, Web Enquiry)!

The OWK solution is supported by a group of Managers and Founders who have extensive backgrounds in the brewing and beverage industries.

The BoxKeg was Lauched in May 2013 see :BoxKeg.

In late 2013 Ecokeg will introduce the 5L ecokeg Micro and the 20L ecokeg Mini.
Cheaper, lighter and smaller alternative to our Industry standard 30L robust OWK.
 All with our industry beating compatible Valves.
Ask us about them.

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