Recycle or Recondition your EcoKegs

Re-use your EcoKeg stock.

All of The EcoKeg components are fully recyclable and can be mechanically dis-assembled.

The EcoReKeg do it yourself kit allows you to recycle the outer and lid with a re-kegging kit consisting of a ready-to-use, new sterile inner bottle and valve.

The kit consists of a new inner bottle and valve which are sterile and ready to use. This provides for and economical solution whilst making the whole process as environmentally friendly as possible. View our training video on safe “ReKegging” procedure

Alternatively, we can do it for you via our Returns/ Recycling Service. You’ll receive a discount on subsequent orders.

EcoKeg now offers a new Returns/ Recycling Service to return any used EcoKeg's for a discount on subsequent orders

  • Returns - Used kegs are reconditioned and all components re-used or recycled.
  • Recycled – reconditioned and returned to you in ready to fill condition for re-use.

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