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N ew Keg Co Limited was set up on 09 May 2014 trading as EcoKeg Europe having been bought from the Australian EcoKeg company the largest supplier of OWKs in Australia and New Zealand.

Trading as Ecokeg Europe, New Keg Co holds exclusive licence rights to manufacture and distribute EcoKegs in Europe.

Gavin Rees & Steve Tipples, New Keg Co Co-owners have established a dedicated manufacturing site in Bridgend South Wales with excellent

transportation links along the M4 to the rest of the UK. Both experienced manufacturers they have plans to continually expand and improve the EcoKeg range extensively.

Investment of £140,000 in early 2016 means complete control over all manufacturing elements and promises flexibility for new product development and efficiency improvements.

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Steve Tipples

Chief Keg Maker / Co-Owner

+44 (0) 1656 725799

You can also contact Steve on

Gavin Rees

Commercial Director / Co-Owner

+44 (0) 1656 725799

You can also contact Gavin on

Carla O’Keefe

Accounts Administrator

+44 (0) 1656 725799

Carla is responsible for all billing enquiries

Lewis Jones

Business Development Manager

+44 (0) 1656 725799

Also available on: +44 7454 065365

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