Unique EcoKeg Valve Technology

Industry-compatible 4 spear valves patented to exactly replicate the performance of a returnable keg. EcoKeg’s design is the only one fully licensed and approved by Micro Matic compatible with:

  • G
  • D
  • S
  • A

Suitable for gravity filling, valves can be connected and reconnected multiple times with the EcoKeg-custom fitting spanner; each time resealing just like a conventional metal keg. Disconnecting your EcoKeg for cleaning or slow moving stock and reconnected later couldn’t be simpler.

Valves fill and dispense with ease with no extra costs for additional couplers and/or complex dispensing instructions.

Fills on all (95%) of global legacy automatic brewery filling lines due to its 50L design /shape and strength of HDPE Outer supporting the PET inner

PET Inner

Strongest on the market – 490gms virgin PET preform provides durability for long distance exports Heat tested to 60c in dormant state

Pressure tasted to 10bar, 32L capacity, allowing 2L headspace heat expansion

Built in AMOSORB™, premium oxygen scavenger and UV barrier meets EU and FDA food contact legislation. This means standard product freshness and shelf life guaranteed at 9 months.

No risk of bacterial contamination as container is sterile

No Bisphenol A (BPA), PET, PVC or anything that could affect the taste/safety of the liquid

HDPE Outer

Outer & lid can be reused in certain domestic use situations (simply decommission and use an EcoKeg neck tool to open).

Available with HDPE 2.5kg outer (Europe) or HDPE 1.8kg outer (Australia)

EcoKeg One Way Keg (OWK) Solutions

Manufactured in the UK, EcoKeg is a range of recyclable, beverage container solutions specifically engineered to meet the packaging needs of today’s drinks markets.

EcoKeg’s patented technology was originally developed in collaboration with the Foster’s Group on One-Way-Kegs (OWK). Learning from the poor quality and product failures of the competition, today’s EcoKeg range is regarded as a market leading Beverage container, in terms of quality and functionality.

A keg you’d be proud to put your brand on and your beverage in.

  • Closely replicating a steel keg, EcoKegs are compatible with the tap / dispensing systems used by pubs and bars. The design combats issues such as Fobbing and allows Livening through the valve
  • The unique, patented HDPE construction makes EcoKeg the only fully-recyclable keg on the market. Fully compatible with both automated filling systems used by brewers and bottlers. Balanced pressure fill on semi, or fully-automated lines. Supplied purged and pressurised for automated through-valve filling
  • Premium Quality, EcoKegs one-way PET kegs are produced in a HACCP stand environment and are delivered dry, sterile,CO2- flushed pre-pressurized and ready to fill
  • A wide neck for top filling, as well as through spear filling capability. Top fill through the wide neck. Simply remove, refit and tighten the spear valve.
  • Taste quality is maintained. Independent tests by Diageo Global Beer Technical Centre showed the beer quality is totally comparable when sampled from an EcoKeg and a stainless steel control keg.
  • Maintaining product freshness considerably improved versus steel keg
  • Stackability increases vehicle payloads and better utilisation of storage space. Total transport costs reduced by 60% versus steel kegs
  • Significantly improved carbon footprint compared to returnable steel kegs.
  • Water and cleaning chemical savings as no need to wash kegs
  • Light handling improves health and safety profile.
  • Short lead times - Current delivery time is usually within 7 to 10 days. 14 days for larger volumes.
  • With all components fully recyclable, the EcoKeg one way keg is now reusable. Either with do it yourself EcoReKeg kits, or via the EcoReKeg Service.

Finally there’s a truly viable alternative to the traditional returnable steel keg - easier to handle and stack and cheaper to transport. With the durable construction essential for long distance Ecokeg is the best option for Export. And less attractive to thieves.

And all backed by a professional and enthusiastic team (link to About page) to ensure you get your delivery right and on time, every time.

Read more on how the EcoKeg features can benefit your operation (Link to EcoKeg Features page) But don’t take our word for it. See some of the customers who’ve chosen EcoKeg (click to Customers/ Testimonials page)

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